Home Office in Edmonton

Looking for home office storage solutions? Or maybe a brand new library in which to while away the afternoon? How about setting up a place to do the home finances? Take our short quiz to find out exactly what type of home office you need.

The California Closets Home Office Quiz

When in my home office, I want to feel

a) creatively inspired

b) highly effective

c) the same as when I am in my outside office

The most important thing to have in my home office is

a) lots of open desk space to work

b) filing and organizing systems

c) an internet connection

One rule I would make for my home office is

a) all who enter must have an idea to share

b) absolutely no food or drink

c) do not disturb

If you answered "A" to most of the questions, your ideal home office type is Creative. You want your Edmonton home office to be a place where you can create, undisturbed when you need to be alone, but welcome to visitors to help you with brainstorming and give you valuable feedback on your ideas.

If you answered "B," your ideal home office type is Functional. You want a space where you can work undisturbed on family finances, or focus on your home-based business. It is important to you that the space remain clean and clear of all clutter.

If you answered "C" to most of the questions, your ideal home office type is Connected. Your home office is simply an extension of your real office in Edmonton. Phone, internet, video -- you need all of the communication tools in this home office.

Your California Closets Edmonton home office specialist is ready to help you create your ideal home office! Get started today.