Hire Professional Closet Organizers in Edmonton

Is your closet chaos situation out of control? Are you thinking about calling in some professional closet organizers? Good idea. But how do you know where to start in your home? Here is a short quiz that will help you know which part of the house to start organizing first.

The Closet Organizers Quiz

Closet Organizers Question #1

I feel MOST frustrated when...

A. I can't find the cinnamon in my kitchen cabinet

B. I go into the garage to get an extension cord and I knock over an old can of paint

D. The desk in the front foyer is covered in papers 

Closet Organizers Question #2

When window shopping downtown Edmonton, I drool over...

A. The shiny new espresso machine on display at the kitchen store

B. Metal racks that will give my husband a place to put his bulky power tools -- at last

D. Cherry file cabinets with aluminum tracking

Closet Organizers Question #3

A major home disaster occurred last week when...

A. Remnants of my daughter's papier-mache project ended up in her birthday cake

B. I went into the basement and found that all of my craft items had gotten wet

D. We found a 4-month old wedding invitation that was never RSVP'ed

Where Should You Start?

If you answered A to a lot of the questions above, you are a foodie --- Your Edmonton kitchen is your domain, and whether you're feeding an extended family of 12 at a holiday gathering or packing a healthy lunch for the office, food is your priority. Conquer your kitchen with the help with of California Closets closet organizers and cooking will be even more fun.

If you answered B, you have some large-item organization problems. Our closet organizers will help you rearrange your garage, attic, patio, or playroom to neatly store all of the big items in your family. 

If you answered C, you are document crazy! You have a hard time keeping papers in order, yet It's important to you to know exactly where to find the right document at the right time. The solution? Customized closet organizers! Talk to your California Closets Edmonton design consultant about incorporating filing cabinets or drawers into your closets, or perhaps a set of standalone pieces for your basement, family room, kitchen, or bedroom.