Home Remodeling Edmonds

At California Closets, we understand that Edmonds home remodeling projects can be complex ventures. In Edmonds, each home is different and each homeowner has a different lifestyle, meaning that our design professionals need to be prepared for anything. California Closets provides a home remodeling experience for Edmonds residents that affords attentive customer service and unlimited access to the best resources, materials and technology. Our design professionals are waiting for you to begin the free in-home design consultation process and guide you through your Edmonds home remodeling project.

Turn A House Into Your Home

As a locally-owned and operated business, California Closets Edmonds has seen just about everything when it comes to Edmonds home remodeling projects.  Our home design professionals will work to find solutions that maximize space, increase home value and improve your life whether you are a contractor, homeowner or recent homeowner. 

If you move into a new house, contact our design professionals to turn it into your home, one that reflects your individual lifestyle and needs.  If you are a contractor, our professionals have a long history of integrating our home storage designs into existing contractor’s plans. If you have lived in your home for a while, but need to expand storage space and/or reinvent your existing space, our professionals are here to help.

Sign up for a free in-home consultation to get the design process started and your home on a better path to organization and style.

Edmonds Home Remodeling Experts

There are no solutions in Edmonds that offer the level of customer service and design excellence that is fundamental to the California Closets experience. Sign up today and get started--we think you will understand very quickly.