Custom Closets Edmonds

Residents of Edmonds are blessed to live in such a beautiful community. Everyone does their part to contribute to a feeling of community and shared space. At California Closets, we have been doing our part in a small way. We believe that our custom closets Edmonds make homes better.

Get Ready for Your Custom Closets Edmonds

The key to our success for the past thirty years is making a product that is both aesthetically appealing and extremely functional. We started out small when our founder rose to the challenge of making his space in his college dorm more efficient. He was so successful that his floor mates requested his services. Since those youthful days, the company has grown, offering products for the bedroom, garage, children’s room, home office, kitchen, pantry, media center and more.

At the time, Edmonds did not have the benefit of custom closets. Only when California Closets came onto the scene did custom closets transform from a small specialty craft into the major industry that it is today. We brought our services from coast to coast and then turned international; we are still the biggest custom closets company in the world. We keep the experience local by using a franchise structure with the decision making in the hands of locals who are committed to the community.

The job of custom closets in Edmonds and elsewhere is to take a space and make something better out of it. And by better we mean more suited to your needs and tastes. Everyone appreciates efficiency, and that is the first step in the direction of making your home more usable and meaningful.

Edmonds Custom Closets Will Bring Out the Potential

Any home, however great, always has room for improvement. The possibility of positive change is especially great when you make the decision to chuck those generic closets for some Edmonds custom closets from California Closets.