Custom Cabinets Edmonds

Considering that the Puget Sound region is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, it is no wonders locals are outdoors enthusiasts. Almost all outdoors activities require extra equipment and gear, and often of the most cumbersome variety. California Closets Edmonds specializes in custom cabinets to keep the house clutter-free in between your outdoor jaunts.

Three Uses for California Closets Edmonds Custom Cabinets

Hobbies: Whether the customer likes to fly model airplanes or enjoys any other kind of outdoor activity that requires some mechanical skills then their garage is probably an amateur workshop. Storage is a key part of the equation for Edmonds’ crafty residents and custom cabinets can go a long way toward professionalizing their workspace: specialized hooks and racks for tools and durable shelving to withstand any kind of load.

Action Sports: Each season comes with its own set of action sports. In the winter there is skiing and snowshoeing, for example. In the spring, fishing is popular. But as far as outdoor activities are considered, summer is king. Everything from cycling to kayaking opens up in Edmonds. Custom cabinets are a good way to stow seasonal equipment so that the garage can still manage to fit a car or two.

Apparel and gear: Equally important to all the equipment is what to wear. Hiking boots, gators, wool socks, and gloves are just some of khakhi-centered wardrobe necessities for the outdoors. How to store items that are used only used on occasion, and how to store them separately from the rest of the wardrobe? Unique custom cabinets have been serving Edmonds' enthusiasts for almost three decades.

Custom Cabinets from California Closets Edmonds Are Built to Last

For those planning on holding onto their hobbies and passions for a long time, there is no reason not to invest in custom cabinets from California Closets Edmonds because they are built to last and are backed by the industry’s strongest company.