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Home renovation isn't something to take lightly, and going it alone by way of big-box store storage solutions doesn't make it any less difficult or more convenient. You need an Edmonds closet company that will see your project through from dream to reality. California Closets is that place, offering customizable solutions for any area in the house. With a tremendous selection of space-creating and -saving tools, your home will immediately feel more organized and clean, and all in a style that meshes with your existing decor.

The Closet Company Edwards Residents Turn To For Custom

An Edmonds Closet Company Keeping You In Mind

We trust in the vision of the customer, and work hard to make sure that the character's of their homes aren't compromised by impersonal, poor design. We've been atop the storage industry for several decades, and as the local closet company Edmonds residents trust, we can bring you the products that you've been after quickly and easily. From the free in-home design consultation, all the way to the painless and simple installation, we have your best interests at heart.

A Gifted Team

If you're unsure of where to start for your home storage revamp, fret not! California Closets is the Edmonds closet company with talented and devoted staff of experts who will help you find exactly what it is your home requires to be better organized. Whether it is adding new accessories to your pre-existing spaces, such as closet organizers or a new closet design, or building brand new closets to boost your storing abilities anywhere you'd like.

The Edmonds Closet Company That You Can Trust

Give us a call today, or schedule yourself an appointment online for the aforementioned free in-home consultation with one of our experts. You'll quickly see why we're the closet company Edmonds folks turn to for any and all storage needs!