Closet Design Eastsound

Having served the Puget Sound area for over 25 years, we can confidently say that we know the residents of Eastsound and their taste in closet design. The conclusion we reached may be different than expected. Besides a universal desire for harmonious homes, Eastsound tastes and styles are as numerous as the residents.

Eastsound Closet Design Puts You at the Helm

California Closet was established in the most unlikely of places over 3 decades ago. Far from the glory of large suburban homes, our founder thought up the idea of custom closets as a college student. Realizing that space is especially limited and especially precious in the typical dorm room, he set out to make storage more efficient. From there the story is known- California Closets conquered the world it had created.

Back in the beginning, closet design had not reached Eastsound because it was only a small specialty craft. We established a major industry over the years and now preside over the world’s largest closets emporium. Our company structured as a franchise, allowing local efforts to thrive at each of our locations. In Eastsound and surrounding areas, we have been able to develop relationships that go beyond closet design.

By now our product offering spans the entire house, including the bedrooms, children’s room, kitchen, pantry, garage, home office, media center, and more. The magic of California Closets is that customers never have to make any trade-off between beauty and functionality of their closet design. Eastsound residents have especially appreciated how customizable everything is, because it puts them at the helm.

Eastsound Closet Design For Your Dream House

At your fingers tips is access to our website, where you can schedule a free consultation with our experts. Your Eastsound house can be made better with the help of good closet design. Undermine clutter, create a better atmosphere, and exhibit your style.