Wall Beds Easton

Our professional designers often say that their favorite installations are wall bed installations. There is no more economical or simple way to transform your home. Whether you are looking to add bedrooms to your home or add flexibility to your one-room studio, our local Easton wall bed designers will find a solution for you. At California Closets Easton, we have created the free in-home design consultation to give you an easy way to start your wall beds installation. We would love to walk you through the in-home design consultation to installation process.

The Easton Wall Beds Design Consultation

We offer in-home Easton wall beds design consultations to all interested homeowners. Our consultations are open to those wanting more information about wall beds in general or those intent on installing a wall bed immediately.  Once you sign up for your free in-home design consultation online or by phone we will send a professional designer to your home. 

The designer will evaluate the space that will hold your new wall bed solution.  All our wall beds are tailored to the surrounding aesthetic of the room and the rest of the house.  Additionally, we can make our wall beds as discrete or as bold as possible depending on how you want to display your wall bed.  All of our wall beds are manufactured in the Easton area, giving our customers direct access to the customization process.  Color, material, finish and hardware can all be customized to make your wall bed your own.

After the consultation our designers will have the design fabricated and, soon, your wall bed will be installed.  Our installation teams have years of experience making sure the finished product is up to your standards.

Wall Beds Transform Homes

Wall beds belong in every home.  Never fear unexpected guests or the holidays after you increase your home’s capacity with a new wall bed.