Custom Closets Easton

Your storage area has a tough job. It’s supposed to display your wardrobe, keep your accessories separate and at hand, and it also ends up being the repository for every spare item that comes into your home. Those are pretty big responsibilities and most closets are simply not up to the task. If your storage space could use a helping hand, it may be time to look into an Easton custom closet from California Closets.

Defining Your Storage Space

The space of a closet is defined by its dimensions, but the functionality of a closet is defined by how it is designed.  The standard hanging rod and a shelf is not really a design at all and is the recipe for a severely underutilized storage area.  California Closets specializes in storage solutions that make optimum usage of every square inch available, from the floor to the ceiling.

Take a good look at most closets and in addition to the clutter what you see most often is wasted space.  An Easton custom closet is designed to eliminate the former by taking advantage of the latter.  Over their 30 years in the business, California Closets has developed a host of adaptable innovations from hooks, baskets and stackable bins to adjustable shelving and shoe fencing.  A custom closet Easton consultant can show you how to maximize your storage potential by creating a layout particularly suited to the requirements of your wardrobe and belongings.

Make Your Closet an Easton Custom Closet

Give your storage space a fighting chance by equipping it with the tools it needs to fulfill its potential.  Find out about the beauty and simplicity of an Easton custom closet by arranging for a complimentary, no-obligation appointment today.