Home Office in Eastern PA?

If you are one of the 18 million home-based American business owners or one of the 24 million telecommuters, you might be dealing with the problem of higher energy bills for your combined home office and Eastern PA residence. Office equipment and lighting do demand energy, and higher electricity bills are often the result. And while you might be saving money from not eating lunch out downtown, keep in mind that all those trips to the kitchen for meals and snacks and to other areas of the home for various needs eat up electricity, especially when lights, appliances, and electronics in other rooms aren’t turned off when they are no longer in use. In winter or during hot summers when A/C is a must, you also don't have the liberty of shutting it down during the middle of the day, when everyone is at work and the kids are at school.

Keep Your Home Office Energy Consumption Low

Here are a few tips from the Alliance to Save Energy:

Manage your office equipment. Activate “sleep” features on computers, copiers, and other machines that power down when the equipment is on but not in use for a while, and turn off equipment during long periods of non-use to cut energy costs and improve longevity. By the way: Screen savers do not save energy.

Watch for heat or A/C leaks. Don't let your profits fly out of the window, or door. Plug home office energy “leaks” by weather-stripping between moving parts (doors and their frames) and caulking between non-moving parts (window frames and walls). Insulate your home office properly – as well as your whole home.

Use the sun. In the winter, let the sun help heat your home office by keeping blinds or drapes on sun-exposed windows open in the daytime. Retain heat overnight by closing the blinds after dark. In the summer, reduce cooling costs by drawing shades or blinds on sun-exposed windows and glass doors.

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