Custom Closets Eastern PA

For over 25 years, California Closets has been providing custom closets to residents all over Eastern PA. A company that started out of a college dorm room in the 1970’s is now the largest custom closets company in the world with products spanning the entire home, including the garage, bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, pantry, media center, home office and more.

The Evolution of Eastern PA Custom Closets

Nowadays, the whole idea of custom closets may seem like a no-brainer: if you want your home to function well and look great, get rid of the generic closets for some custom closets. It is the same procedure for Eastern PA as it is for the hundreds of communities our company serves all over the world.

If you go 30 years back, however, custom closets were but a small business, conducted by specialized craftspeople. As we carried our brand across the country, we blazed the trail of making them available to all. The beauty of it is that with mass distribution, we did not homogenize the way homes looked. Since each person and house is unique with its own rules and styles, each closet system is different.

We let you be the master of your home design project because it is your tastes and needs that need to be addressed. Our employees are still carrying the traditional of the careful craftsmanship, updated to the aesthetic and environmental standards of the twenty-first century. In fact, they have been defining the industry all along. Eastern PA custom closets benefit from the framework of a whole slew of innovative professionals.

Professional Eastern PA Custom Closets

Meet the professionals behind your future Eastern PA custom closets. By clicking on the link on our website or making phone call to our store, you can schedule a private design consultation and begin to make your dream home a reality.