Wall Beds Eagle

As a locally-owned and operated business, we understand that Eagle can be a wacky place, after all it is home to the “World’s Largest Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed.” Local residents seem to love out-of-the-box and off-beat solutions if they are fun and work well. At California Closets we believe that a personalized home organization solution can maximize space and add new functionality to your home for the lowest cost: the wall bed. Our designers have installed wall beds for many satisfied Eagle residents.

The Eagle Wall Beds Professionals

In order to start on the path to home organization and functionality, you must first sign up for a free in-home design consultation on the website or by calling the showroom directly.  Local Eagle wall beds professionals are at the ready, prepared to visit your home and discuss wall bed solutions.  The in-home design consultation will involve a thorough analysis of your home’s design and decoration as well as your budget and lifestyle.  This evaluation will allow our designers to create the best solution to meet all of your needs.

Eagle residents have decided to install wall beds for many reasons.  Some homeowners want to add bedding capacity to their home, installing wall beds in offices and libraries.  Other homeowners that live in small space, install wall beds to add functionality and maximize their space.  No matter what the circumstance, everyone can benefit from this extremely cost-effective means of optimizing your home living experience.

Our wall beds are made to integrate seamlessly with their surroundings giving your home a new hidden functionality.  Never fear unexpected overnight guests or big family holidays again after installing a new wall bed in your home.

The Eagle Wall Bed Company For You

Sign up for your free in-home design consultation today and get started on the path to home organization bliss.  It is our goal to deliver our reputation for design excellence and attentive customer service to your next home project.