Wall Beds Eagle River

It began with custom-made closets of the highest quality attainable. Now, after thirty years of experience, California Closets offers nearly everything you might need to make your home better at storing and handling your possessions. From closets to cabinets, from entertainment centers to garage storage solutions, California Closets Eagle River can add much to your enjoyment of your home. And with your Eagle River wall beds, you’re overnight guests will love your home too!

Make Your Guests Comfortable

Are you familiar with Eagle River wall beds by California Closets?  They are beautiful, stately, and do a surprisingly great job of completely hiding the fold-in beds, which can be easily released and unfolded when needed.  If you do not have extra, designated bedrooms for your overnight guests, then you must consider how valuable Eagle River wall beds would be to you.  Simply place the wall bed in any room with sufficient space and privacy, and immediately you have a comfortable place for your overnight guests to sleep.

As Sturdy As It Is Beautiful

With just a glance, the visual appeal of Eagle River wall beds is immediately discerned, but what about the ease of use?  How simple is it to extract the bed, you may wonder?  The good news is, just as our wall beds are beautiful to behold, they are easy to use, as California Closets has designed a sturdy lifting mechanism and framework system that holds the bed in place and requires only a modest touch to extract and replace it.  When you add this flawless functionality to the many customizable styles of Eagle River wall beds available to you, it’s almost certain that you can soon have the most ideal accommodation imaginable for your overnight friends and family.

Call Us Now At No-obligation

Getting started is as easy as calling California Closets Eagle River right now and talking to one of our designers.  Do this for free and at no obligation to you. Our Eagle River wall beds are ready to be installed in your home now.