Home Office Durham

Durham residents lucky enough to be able to work from home are faced with an interesting challenge: how to create a home office environment that allows them to work effectively while still maintaining the functionality and style of their living space. Stepping up to meet that challenge are the innovative and attractive home office Durham designs of California Closets.

Keeping the Home in Home Office

The Home Office Durham Solution

Whether your home office is a completely separate space or just a corner of the room, the key is in understanding the particular demands your work requires and then customizing the space to satisfy those demands.  When you meet with a home office Durham expert, they’ll sit down with you to determine those needs and then offer the kind of specific solutions that California Closets is famous for:

-Extensive desk work is greatly aided by an ergonomically-designed desk, customized to your height.

-Jobs that require a lot of reading benefit from task lighting to reduce eye strain.

-If your office is part of your living space, keep its appearance tidy and uncluttered with pull-out keyboard and printer shelves and open and closed storage that allows easy access but hides the mess.

Personalize Your Office

Your Durham home office can bring not only function but beauty to your home.  You’ll be able to select from a wide array of colors and materials as well as finishes, right down to the handles and knobs on the drawers.  You’ll even be able to see a 3-D computer image of your re-imagined space before the work begins, giving you time to make any last-minute changes or improvements.

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Enjoy the luxury of working at home even more with a practical, smart and fashionable Durham home office design!