Garage Storage Durham

When moving into a new home, there is a tremendous amount of unpacking and organizing to do. As is the case for many people, the garage becomes the house’s dumping grounds. Not a place for things you do not need, but a space for things that are hard to store because of size or shape. When you are ready, California Closets is here to upgrade your Durham garage storage system.

Some Common Needs for Garage Storage in Durham

The range of things that go into a garage is vast: everything from appliances, coolers, bikes, gardening tools, workout equipment, lamps, and ladders end up in unseemly piles.

How to organize it all into neat Durham garage storage?

1. Skis and other large or long specialty items deserve their section.

2. Tools should either be stored in a couple drawers or if you are more do-it-yourself inclined, have a board for them to hang on.

3. Big family, lots of feet, lots of mess? Keep a shoe shelf by the door connecting the garage to the house.

4. Dust usually carries into garages quite easily, because of the car coming in and out (assuming your garage is not so cluttered there is even room for a vehicle) and the large door that stays open. Keeping items behind cabinet doors gives the space a cleaner look and keeps them safe from dirt and dust.

5. The overall best tip for organizing your garage storage in your Durham home is having a specific place for every item.

Now You Are Ready for New Garage Storage Durham

With these handy tips you should be able to envision the transformation of your garage from a heap of junk into a state of the art storage facility. Call California Closets to upgrade your Durham garage storage today!