Wall Beds Dunedin

Squandering space in your home is easy to do by way of inefficient design or clogging it with items that you don't need. One type of item inherently contributes to the former, but is completely integral to you both as a person and a host. They're mattresses, and while they play an enormous part in our day to day success, they are bulky, and force you to commit a room to them completely. When guests come to visit, having a guest room is always the simple solution. But if you hope to use the space when it isn't being slept in, you're out of options. Wall beds Dunedin from California Closets are a perfect marriage of convenience and comfort--disappearing when you hope to use the space in your bedroom or guest room before unfurling into a delightful place to spend the night.

Complete Satisfaction Via Wall Beds Dunedin

Toss Out The Temporary

If maintaining usability of your guest room is important, then you've undoubtedly gone the route of air beds. Laying down on them after waiting 20 minutes to inflate certainly doesn't allow you to take a deep breath of relaxation. Wall beds Dunedin replace these pop-prone devices with far greater comfort and even more convenience. Wall beds Dunedin employ a pull-down or roll-out method, giving anyone the option to make a bad for themselves in little to no time at all.

Fits Right In

You may think that having a disguised bed in a room will decrease the visual appeal of the space. Think again. At California Closets, we equip our wall beds Dunedin with a closet system exterior complete with accessories and style enhancements of your choosing. Add shelves, cabinets, and more to increase your organizational abilities; choose a wood grain, hardware, and texture that suits your home's style. These dynamic units will bring a tremendous boost to your home on many levels.

Remain Versatile And Rested With Wall Beds Dunedin

Now your guest room can maintain it's versatility while still offering the same degree of comfort with wall beds Dunedin. Get in touch with us at California Closets today to get the ball rolling!