Space-Saving Instant Comfort: Duluth Wall Beds

Living in East Atlanta, you really know the importance of spending quality time with family and friends. Having a full house for the holiday’s is great way to create lasting memories and solidify important relationships. However, not having enough space within your home can put unnecessary stresses on your and your guests. Create comfortable and useable space out of thin air with wonderfully unexpected Duluth wall beds. Instantly provide your visitors with a well-supported and convenient place to sleep at a moments notice, without having to construct a permanent guest room. Save space and take some pressure off yourself with East Atlanta’s favorite, Duluth wall beds.

Convenience At Its Best

In the past, wall beds have been seen as lumpy and uncomfortable. Often a sitcom joke, where the bed folds into itself at random or provides its sleeper with a less than restful night’s sleep. California Closets has taken the innovation of traditional wall beds and combined it with revolutionary mattress technology with Duluth wall beds. Now, your guests can sleep soundly on a bed that is every bit as enjoyable as their own personal mattress. They’ll awake feeling refreshed and eternally grateful that you cared enough to install a wall bed designed with them in mind.

With Duluth wall beds, you are never limited. These wall beds can be expertly implemented in any room of the house. Choose a fold down wall bed that can be camouflaged with attractive cabinetry or a custom built in when not in use. Or, discover unique drawer style beds that roll easily from beneath desks or shelving in your home office or living room. No matter what the size of your home, we can help you find room for your favorite guests with Duluth wall beds.