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Dressing Room

Proper dressing rooms boast perfectly tailored storage solutions that display clothing, shoes and accessories to be surveyed and admired with ease, emphasized by furniture beautifully arranged to add a feeling of glamour to what would be an otherwise utilitarian room. 

For example, a dressing room adorned with gorgeous custom cabinetry bearing drawers embellished with glass knobs creates the perfect oasis in which to get ready in the morning. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalistic quality to your dressing room or one that factors glamour and luxury into every square inch of the space, creating the perfect dressing room is a simple task with the help of one of our design consultants at California Closets. 

Getting dressed can be a trying task, such as when finding the right outfit for your client meeting is made impossible with the quotidian clutter of laundry and shoes randomly strewn about. Without a system that successfully creates a natural flow and place for all the things in your closet, disorder and chaos ensue, creating exactly the opposite of a dressing room heaven. 

Frequently, dirty laundry or a recently worn pair of shoes are left randomly on the floor of a dressing room when we are at a loss for exactly where they should go. Creating a dedicated place for all your things paves the way to an organizational system that is not only sustainable, but even effortless to deploy. 

Beyond being simply an organizational system, a well-designed dressing room creates a natural flow for your morning routine. Whether you’re planning for a corporate lunch or a date night on the town, a dressing room that clearly presents all the possibilities for the day not only simplifies the outfit planning process; it also makes getting ready an absolute pleasure and joy. 

California Closets offers a wide variety of finishes and accessories to truly personalize your dressing room and create the perfect morning sanctuary. A polished, elegant dressing room to be the envy of your friends and family is just one complimentary, in-home design consultation away.


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