Spice Up Your Home with Dothan Closet Organizers

Life today is busy - and being busy creates clutter. Let's face it - clutter is unsightly. Dothan homeowners often make the mistake of just putting items in the closet that isn't optimized. Just because your items are in a closet, as opposed to on the floor of your bedroom, doesn't mean it is instantly organized and accessible! And accessibility gives you more of your most valuable asset -- time. Here are some tips from California Closets Dothan to help you organize your closet.

3 Closet Organizer Tips

The first thing you should do in a closet organization project is have a ‘sort out’. The simplest way to clean out your closet is to turn all of your hangers backwards and as you wear your favorite items, put them back with the hangers facing the right way. At the end of a 3 to 6 month period, get rid of everything that is still facing backwards. You can also donate clothes to Goodwill.

Keep like items together - T-shrits with t-shirts, jeans with jeans. If you have room to hang everything, hang everything! It makes your clothes easier to access and it looks better. Anything that needs to be folded should be put in drawers or on a shelf.

Try to make sure all your hangers are the same. The same color, style and shape, it makes a world of difference in creating a cohesive look.

A great and simple solution for all your boxes and bins is to label them with luggage tags, especially if those bins are up high. Now you'll no longer have to guess if that is the box with your winter wear.

Make use of the vertical space – even small closets have more than you think. Try moving the bar up to the top of the closet to really free up space underneath for shelves and boxes. If you have a small bedroom, removing the sliding doors all together really opens up the closet. With sliding doors, half the closet is always closed off. Removing them and adding a nice curtain can dress up the room as well as make everything more accessible.