Custom Closets Doral

Store-bought storage is a trap than many new homeowners fall into. The advertisements promise a one-size-fits-all solution. Quickly, you discover that this is no solution at all. To help keep the clutter at bay and create a welcoming environment for your Doral home there is no substitute for custom closets Doral from California Closets.

Custom Closets Versus Normal Closets for Your Doral Home

When California Closets invented the custom home storage industry decades ago, it succeeded with the help of sound design principles. By now these principles are tried and true. Below is a look at why custom closets are always better than generic storage.

1. Aesthetics: Just as a designer couch will be more interesting than your department store variety, so will your closets. Your Doral custom closets will set the tone for the rest of the house, forming an elegant internal architecture to the space.

2. Storage Capacity and Storage Efficiency: customization means two things. First it means optimizing the design to take advantage of every inch in your home’s storage space. Weird angles and high ceilings are opportunities, not impediments. Second, custom closets means that just as your Doral home is unique, so are your needs. Making the cabinets, shelves and hanging rods appropriate to your lifestyle is the key to efficient storage.

3. Because California Closets is a brand name, the company produces highly durable products. The fabrication techniques used and the materials chosen reflect a dedication to quality throughout the company.

Chucking Clutter with Doral Custom Closets

Chuck the generic, clutter-producing cargo space for the custom closets Doral residents love. Prepare to improve your quality of life and peace of mind.