Wall Beds Dorado

As enjoyable as it is to host family and friends overnight, some of the pleasure is lost when you have to haul out the leaky air mattress or yank the awkward convertible bed out of the sofa. Be ready for a more gracious approach next time with beautifully designed, ultra-comfortable Dorado wall beds from California Closets.

The Comfort of Wall Beds Dorado

The Perfect Fit for Your Home

Customized wall beds Dorado hold a number advantages over the pullout or inflatable variety, but the primary one is that of integration.  A California Closet wall bed is designed to fit seamlessly into your home’s style and décor.  It can be functional by day, perhaps offering additional shelving or drawers, and then easily convert at night into a sleeping haven you can be proud to offer.  A Dorado wall bed specialist will work with you to figure out the perfect solution for whatever extra space your home affords.

The Wall Bed Has Truly Evolved

Many people have misconceptions about what a wall bed can be.  They think of flimsy construction, thin walls and even thinner mattresses.  A contraption as hard to manage as it is uncomfortable to sleep on.  Dorado wall beds dispel those notions entirely.  Easily operable with just one arm, their sturdy heavy gauge steel or aluminum frames can support a mattress up to 12 inches thick, creating a sleeping environment as luxurious as any other in your home.

It’s As Easy as Making a Call

Your future guests will feel even more welcome with the function, beauty and simplicity of a California Closet wall bed.  Schedule a free, in-house consultation with a Dorado wall beds specialist today.