Dominion Closet Design

There is nothing like good Dominion closet design to spark a flame in your creativity and a fresh look for your home. California Closets is the leading name in home storage renovation and with our help you can have the home you’ve always dreamed of having.

Dominion Closet Design In Your Home

At California Closets we offer the best home designers out there to bring you to where you want to be.  Every great invention begins with one small idea.  As for your Dominion closet design, we recommend you start with one idea.

Perhaps you’ve always hoped to get your home office organized, or wished you had one but lack the space. From here, with the help of our designers, you can begin to create a blueprint for the idea that you want to make a reality.  The sky is the limit.  A home office can be created as part of a guest room, in its own space, or even as a nook in your kitchen or bedroom.  There is no space too big or too small to accommodate your dreams.

A big part of Dominion closet design is maximizing space.  We do this by first taking inventory on all the items inside a given space.  Say we start with your shared closet.  You and your partner will first figure out how much stuff you have and from there we can begin to assess how you want to organize it.  

Your New Dominion Closet Design

By implementing good Dominion closet design ideas such as drawers, shelves, racks, pullout hanging devices and accessory stands, you will be able to organize anything in whatever fashion you choose.  Now that the hard part is over, we’ll begin to implement your new Dominion closet design, creating harmony in your home and a newfound love for all your husband’s socks.