Dominion Closet Company

California Closets is here offering you a process and preference for your homes improvement that is easily putting it at the top of the list of closet companies Dominion residents go to for their upgrade projects. There is a trueness to the fact that we will provide your home with what it needs through the lens of your request and vision.

Your Vision Guides Us

Your vision comes first when you are dealing with California Closets.  In a sense, its not just a Dominion Closet Company, but also your own very personal home improvement experts.  We will help you locate areas that need improvement through extra storage, assess how to make it happen, and then carry out those plans.

Organizational Systems

We are the only closet company Dominion can trust to be as imaginative, creative, and effective as possible.  We are a closet company that looks to your whole home to create a fully functional storage solution which exists more in a system than a space.  For example, extra space under staircases, shelving, kitchen cabinets, garage storage, and more are all part of a functional solution to reorient your home and its organizational capacity.  This way you'll be able to keep your home clean and stress free.

Wallet Stays Fat

We are the most affordable Dominion closet company out there, we promise.  We work with you to make sure that you can absolutely create a storage solution that will make you and your home happier, while still being able to feed yourself and your family.  Through a series of financing options, payment schedules, and financing options, we will create an affordable balance that allows you luxury and comfort.

Everything For You

Why wait when you have found the closet company Dominion dreams of?  California Closets has everything you need and more.