Todd Jones

Design Consultant

Making space function better. Creating storage where there is none. Too many (blank,) not enough space (You fill in the blank- maybe its papers, shoes, hats, books, toys, or clothes. “Not enough shelves!” was the battle cry for my first closet design. I envisioned better use of the space… there were unused walls. was there enough room for shelves? But could you get into that corner? (Oh, the questions we have to ask!) And so my closet career began. I was 14 and I was dreaming of a better closet- mine!Flash forward a few years to the early nineties and there I am- working for this great company making lots of closets better (not to mention all the other spaces I’ve improved!) …and still doing it today. I understand storage dilemmas because I’ve lived them too.Being with this company for as long as I have, I’ve seen our product offerings evolve and expand to be more than just functional improvements for you and your space. Our solutions can be beautiful – and the applications are not just for closets anymore. Coming together with you to create, organize, and problem solve- that’s what I love doing. What is your battle cry?


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