Terri Tygert

Business Innovation Partner

California Closets of the Texas Hill Country
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Listen. Understand. Real people. Daily life. New experiences. Beautiful environments. Delight. Serve. Lead. I live for this.

Along the path to a Bachelor of Architecture degree I learned important skills such as meaningful observation and methods for designing and problem solving. Unforgettable travels in Europe including living in Italy raised my level of understanding and appreciation for other cultures. Designing homes for a major U.S. homebuilder for 8 years included learning about seamless processes and teamwork that lead to value. And then on teams with several commercial architectural firms I increased my knowledge of construction and project management.

In 1996 I joined California Closets because I wanted to work directly with clients. After 14 years as a successful Design Consultant with a wide range of clients and trade professionals, I could see the need to raise the bar and further simplify our clients’ lives. I heard that the human connection and design inspiration that they loved about California Closets was sometimes lacking as their new homes or remodeling efforts with others often became a timeline toward uninspiring and non-functioning solutions.

There are countless opportunities to expand our teamwork with builders, architects, interior designers, realtors and remodelers. I know that we bring valuable professionals to the table, we are reliable and build high quality custom product. And we are doing it in a way that benefits everyone.

California Closets treasures the human connection. And every project is unique. We are passionate about enhancing lives by creating beautiful functioning spaces. Every day I work on building relationships and searching for professionals who believe in this common goal. Together we can build environments for better and more meaningful lives.


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