Tanya Roberts

Senior Design Consultant

My passion for helping others to simplify their lives began over 22 years ago when I began my career with California Closets. I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients to come up with solutions that make a difference in their lives. At California Closets we believe in simplifying lives and bringing order out of chaos. 30 years ago an industry was created when California Closets was formed. We have started an industry and lead it through it’s changes. I have been part of that evolution and it excites me to see where and what we can yet to do. I find inspiration for my work in many places, but most importantly through the experiences of my clients.

Experiences and Interests:

  • Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business from Miami University (Ohio)
  • 22 years of Design with California Closets
  • Designed over 20,000 storage areas
  • Trained over 100 Design Consultants with California Closets
  • Involved in the introduction of all new product lines since 1987
  • Special Training in: Design, Communication, Product, Coaching, Problem Solving, and Business Strategies
  • Special Interests outside of California Closets: Travel, Golf, Tennis, Quilting, and Spending time with my family

Why California Closets?

We founded the industry over 30 years ago and still lead it. We are innovators in the industry, we have developed the closet from a shelf and pole to a custom built in furniture look. We are constantly looking for new products and innovative ways to bring order to your life. We put many small quality pieces into our product that benefits you. We have a research and development department that constantly builds on our product to continually offer the highest quality products. Such details can be seen form the depth of our systems to structural details to quality of the “extras”. The experience that we provide is about you and what you want. I am here to listen to your dreams and desires and to see how we can turn them from a vision to reality. We are thoroughly trained and continue our education throughout our careers. It is important to us that we are continually working to deliver the experience you expect to get from a company like ours.

It is my pleasure to work with you!

While attending Miami University (Ohio), I began designing spaces with California Closets in Cincinnati. After graduating with a business degree, I moved to Cleveland and continued my design career with California Closets.

For over 22 years now, I have designed more than 20,000 unique storage spaces while helping my customers simplify their lives and create their own Space to Be. Each new closet, home office, entertainment center, or garage storage design project, brings with it new challenges and great excitement to fulfill the dreams and desires for each and every client.


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