Roger Kublin

Design Consultant

I was asked to write a little something for here and I can tell you that I love being a California Closet designer. It’s the best career I’ve ever had and I have been doing this now for about 11 years, and have designed well over 12,000 closets, offices, wall systems, garages, pantries, entertainment centers, etc. I do it all, and my clients have told me that they love the results.

Coming from the Northeast to South Florida, I embody those work ethics that people value but have trouble finding in others down here. I work really hard to do not just a good job, but a great job. I love to make people happy and my satisfaction comes when I make that call to my client after the designs have been installed and they tell me that they love everything, and it looks AND works great. I take pride in doing the job right, pay attention to you, all the little details, and I care!

One of my favorite client comments of all time will tell you all you need to know about me: “Roger was very patient with us as we went over minute details and endless revisions. He was always available, friendly, and professional. We had two occasions in the past to have custom storage done. This was best by far. He is a pleasure to work with. Well, it didn’t feel like work, it was fun! Roger’s designs are fantastic and we continually receive compliments on his designs.” (thanks to Betty W. in Wellesley)

I look forward to helping you and your family and hearing YOU say: “WE LOVE IT”!

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