Nelissa Torres

Design Consultant

At California Closets, I have found a place where I can combine two of my greatest passions: design and organization. It is extremely gratifying to know that I am able to help clients, through the magic of design, to create a space that is not only functional, but is also a beautiful place to keep their belongings nicely organized with great style. An organized space invites us to be relaxed, and makes us feel at ease with our surroundings; relatively similar to that serenity that comes when everything is in its place. I firmly believe that keeping our belongings in order is a way to be grateful for having them.
Going into our closet should never be a painful experience, on the contrary, it should be a fun opportunity to welcome a new day, and to get creative when picking up our look for the day. Why else do we buy all that stuff anyway, if it is not to enjoy having them?
Regarding my love for design, I should say that I am in constant awe with every single aspect of it, from the majestic big cities, to a tiny ornament in any wall or furniture. I am fascinated with the asymmetry found in nature, and its never-ending color palette. It impresses me to know that each designed product is the result of a human mind that was creatively inspired. Something that went from the ideal to the material world, going along the very meticulous process of concretizing abstracts. This is precisely what I pursue in every consult with my clients, having the opportunity to know how their ideal space is like, and being able to maximize the potential of that idea with my experience, until we can make it come true.


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