Marcia Fry

Senior Design Consultant

I’ve been working at California Closets off and on since 1987.  Neil Balter was a friend of my husband’s brother and convinced us it was a great opportunity.  He was right!

Working at California Closets, it’s never boring.  New faces and new places every day, though my favorites are the repeat clients.  I’ve done closets for a young single woman, then again when she married and moved into a condo, then again when they moved to a single family home when the first baby came, then AGAIN when they upgraded to a larger home with the fourth child.  Amazing.

One of my favorite designs that stands out was for a repeat client in real estate.  I’d done her home when she was married; large home office and all the closets.  Then years later, after they divorced, she moved into a large apartment and together we designed every room and closet:  bed frames, head boards, wardrobes, window seats, home office, even a special area for her cat.  She only needed living and dining room pieces.  It turned out so well, clean and modern.

I may have a more casual approach to sales then some others – high pressure sales people are a negative in my mind.   I want clients to know I will listen to their needs and work with them to create a design that meets or surpasses what they were hoping for.  It’s always a thrill to present ideas that they didn’t even consider.


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