Lori-Lei Paredes

Design Consultant

I started my design career in 2005 with Closet Systems of Hawaii, and joined the Plus Interiors team in August 2015 as an administrative support person. I fell in love with the interior design aspect of the job, and with my strong background in administration and organizational management, I transitioned into design work.

As a designer, I aspire to create beautiful and appealing spaces from which one would never want to leave. I am most fulfilled when I am able to turn dreams into reality for my clients by creating sanctuaries of comfort and serenity. Clients rekindle their love for their homes as I help them to discover new and exciting possibilities to improve their everyday surroundings. The thanks bestowed upon me by my clients always make me feel joyous and proud as in a job well done.

I would describe my design style as provocatively eclectic. Originally from the west side of Oahu and having lived in the Midwest and eastern parts of the United States, coming home provided a chance to embrace Hawaii’s active lifestyle, and this is reflected in my design approach. Here, we need to accommodate slippers and swimsuits as much as dress shoes and business attire! My favorite finish is our Italian inspired Tesoro line. It can transform a simple design into a modern classic look and give renewed energy to a space.

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