Kylee Clement

Design Consultant

As the daughter of a woodworker, I understand the thought-process behind planning and creating a piece that’s unique as well as functional. I grew up in my dad’s workshop, so you could say I’ve been doing this for most of my life!

After a successful career in sales and coaching a national youth volleyball program, I found my home at California Closets.

While some of my creative inspiration comes from my dad, it also comes from my fellow designers and the homeowners with which I work. You can tell a lot about a client by walking around his or her house – what the space is used for and what occupies it.

But being creative isn’t what drives me as a designer. My lifelong desire to help other people does.

I enjoy what I do because it helps better our clients’ lives. When I walk into a space that isn’t functioning well for them, I think of how I can help make life easier for them. I’ve always given my best for whoever I’m in front of, and now I’m doing it for California Closets customers.

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