Juan and Stephanie Antunez

Design Consultant/Owner

I approach each client as a unique and brand new opportunity. Once we have identified their area of need, a client and I begin a collaborative effort concentrating on methods and solutions that will satisfy them, inspire them, and make their home a better place in which to to live. My wife and I have owned our California Closets franchise since 1995. I have worked as an architect, engineer, construction manager, and manufacturing director prior to my role with California Closets.

The most satisfying part of our business is generating a solution for a client who truly thought their situation was hopeless. Being able to help someone and see the excitement and joy on their face when the project is complete gives you a feeling of acomplishment. California Closets products–from our component systems and accessories to innovative accent choices such as Ecoresin or Italian Glass–make it all possible. The adaptability of our products is the strength behind our vision. Anything that a client wants can usually be acomplished using some creativity and a willingness to push the envelope of ordinary thinking.And you’ll find no ordinary thinking on our team, that’s for sure!

Give us your hardest project today and we’ll turn you into a future client as well.

Juan Antunez – Design Consultant/Owner


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