Dan Higbee

Design Consultant

I like to have fun involving clients in the design process. I always try to design on site, which allows me to get an up-close sense of their lifestyle, be budget conscious, and ultimately design a fully functional product with style. We have such a great product – I love sharing it and showing people how it is possible to increase square footage in any given space.

I love our brand, and our corporate team who is always on the cutting edge of style and technology. Our Lago line has a great effect in any room. The textured grain really brings a three-dimensional feel at a fraction of the price of real wood. It’s a green product that looks awesome. I’ve been with California Closets for sixteen years now. I started working in production and installation for ten years, and have now been designing for the past six. I love what I do, and know that how I design directly effects the installation.


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