Custom Closets Delta

At California Closets we have the closet market pretty well cornered as far as quality craftsmanship and style are concerned. Over three decades we’ve built a reputation as a peerless purveyor of stylish and durable custom and standard closets. But over the years we’ve seen an opportunity to take our commitment to home storage innovation even further. With our line of Delta custom closets, you can forget about being perturbed by wasting time searching through a closet that might not be tailored to store your specific items.

A Lasting Marriage Of Function And Style

Quality Materials And Expert Designs

Our design experts have been at this for years. They’ve worked with thousands to develop storage solutions that will not only streamline their organizational needs today, but in the years to come when their storage needs evolve. Custom closets Delta were created to maintain a maximum level of malleability while perfectly accommodating the spacial specifications of your closet or storage space. California Closets employs only the finest quality materials in all of our products, not just custom closets Delta; so you can be sure that these are storage accessories that will last.

Let Your Inner Designer Flourish

We try to put our clients in the driver’s seat creatively as much as we can. We know that  home decoration schemes are meaningful expressions of many of our customers individuality and we try to respect that by offering custom closets Delta in as many styles and colors as we can so that you achieve your unique vision.

Why Wait? Get Started Today!

When you come to California Closets to address your storage issues, you’re getting the very best. Our design consultants are on hand to provide you with a complimentary in-home consultation to determine precisely the solution for you.