Garage Storage Del Mar

Do you have trouble finding the Christmas lights every year? How about that pair of pliers you need to set up your newborn’s crib? What about those old records from college? If you are asking these questions, then it is likely you need to rethink the way you organize your life. At California Closets, we can help clear your life of clutter all at a low cost with garage storage Del Mar.

Who Are We and What Do We Do

Over the years, we all tend to amass stuff that we only need to use routinely. Why would you allow those things to take up precious space inside your house? With Del Mar garage storage, California Closets will actually come to your house and give you a free consultation on how we can help you. We then work together to come up with a combination of accessories and creative design to give you more storage help in your already packed garage.

We all know how awful the elements can be to our cars. Rain and overexposure to sunlight can wreak havoc on our cars. This is true both on its external appearance by making the car’s paint fade quicker than it would have otherwise. But it is also true in terms of the car's maintenance. Over exposure to weather, from mild to severe, can have a negative impact on a car’s engine. Both of these types of negative impacts can help depreciate the car’s value faster than had that car been taken care of and shielded from the elements. Having a garage that allows for you to store your items and park your car is therefore of paramount importance to the well-being of your belongings.

Don't Sacrifice

This is why you should never sacrifice garage space for your car for garage space for your other stuff. With Del Mar garage storage, we can help optimize the square footage of your garage space and make room for one or both of your cars, depending on the size of the garage. No car should be left out in the cold!