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Our commitment is to our customers and it shows - in 2012, California Closets of Michigan earned the Customer Satisfaction Award for receiving the highest customer survey ratings in the country. Additionally, our commitment to our customers and focus on delivering the highest quality storage solutions enabled us to achieve the Franchise of the Year Award.

Staying organized is not an easy task. Even having the conscious desire to stay organized just doesn’t do the trick, no matter how much you keep the thought in the back of your mind. If the structural aspects aren’t conducive to staying organized, it’s most likely that your space will end up cluttered. California Closets realizes this, and we’re willing to help.

Create a Closet That Caters to Your Needs

These days, people have finally figured out the key to organizing your closet is by owning one that is conducive to your particular needs. Therefore, here are some tips that will guide you in the right direction.

1) Give your items a home

Organization comes easy when all your items have a respective place they belong. Assess your wardrobe and figure out what items need a place to be stored. California Closets has a home for every item in your wardrobe. We offer customizable accessories such as jewelry holders, drawer dividers, hooks and shoe rods that are made to store those specific items.

2) Be smart about space

Make sure you optimally utilize all the available space in your closet. Even the leftover space close to the ceiling can be utilized for storage solutions.

3) Leave room for growth

Be reasonable when you design your closet. Don’t design enough drawers and shelving to perfectly fit your current wardrobe. This might lead to a messy outcome. Instead, leave enough leg room for your clothes to be moved around in different areas of your closet, which also allows for new items to fit into it.

Dearborn Closets Made for You

Calfornia Closets is here to help you design a closet that is amenable to your needs. Whether you are working with a limited amount of space or need a custom design that caters to your wardrobe, Dearborn closets has a solution for you.



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