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Welcome to California Closets Dayton

Closets from California Closets Dayton are what you have been looking for in your home since you bought it.  Not only will it spur a cleaning fit which will leave your home feeling brand new, it will arrange your things in a way that's guaranteed to keep your home in great shape from here on out.

Specificity is Key

Most of our customers have very specific needs and choose to trust us to help them customize a closet organizer to fit with their lifestyle and home furnishings.  If this is something you are looking for, don't hesitate to call us today to help you find and build specific to what you are looking for in your new Dayton closets.

Find What you Are Looking For

You will find exactly what you are looking for in your products from California Closets Dayton.  That is because you ask for what you want and need, and we will make it work.  We allow you to choose from an infinite number of accessory combinations, ranging from hanger space, racks, shelves, bins, pull-out drawers, fold-out drawers, and more.  This way, you can piece together a closet where each separate storage unit will have a purpose and each of your specific things will have a home.

Quality You Trust

Our Dayton closets are built quickly and built to last.  We ship our parts from the highest grade manufacturers local to you, so things don't get lost or affected by long travel routes.  Not to mention, our pieces are built by highly trained craftsmen with a tremendous knack for detail and intricacy.  Once fastened and built, not only will your Dayton closet feel like its been in your home forever, it will likely last forever, too!

Keep Improving

If products from California Closets Dayton sound like a home upgrade that will keep your home constantly improving, then take the leap and call us today!




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