Closet Organizers Darien

For over 25 years now, when homeowners in Darien consider renovating, they choose the closet organizers at California Closets. We are your partners in making space meaningful with storage solutions that are customizable. With our expertise and your personal preferences, we make the most functional and beautiful closet organizers Darien a homeowner can get.

Darien Closet Organizers Are Crafted By Professionals

The franchise in Shelton is owned locally by Cathy and Stephen Brennan, who have been committed closet organizers for decades. Franchise owners help us carry our brand and products to new places. We believe in endowing local owners with control over operations, because as we have brought California Closets from coast to coast, we learned how each community is unique.

With strong ties to other businesses, as well as charitable organizations, we have become part of the human landscape in this part of Connecticut. Our materials come from as close as possible, and our assembly is also done in the area. All of our closet organizers live in Darien and surrounding areas.

When it comes to the quality of our products, think world-class. California Closets is the largest custom closets company in the world, and not only because we have turned closet organizers Darien from a small business into a major industry, but because we continue to provide the quality, innovative design, and a locally-flavored customer service experience.

Our Darien closet organizers are that unique species of unit that combines versatility, durability, and practicality. Our education programs for our designers and engineers is practically a university in its rigor and depth, ensuring that the entire process is thorough and comprehensive.

Connect with Your Darien Closet Organizers

If it’s your first time investigating custom closets or your tenth, you are equally invited to meet the closet organizers of Darien at our store near you. Making an appointment for a private design consultation is only a matter of a couple mouse clicks.