Closet Organizers Dana Point

The closet is one of the hardest places in the home to keep clean. Yet with Dana Point closet organizers, keeping your items tidy is much easier than you think. Once you’ve got closet organizers in your space, organization comes naturally!

Dana Point Closet Organizers Can Help

Here at California Closets in Dana Point, closet organizers are what keep our customers’ closets nice and manageable. Here are some tips to get you started:

1.    Assess your space. Make storing and finding items easier by grouping similar items together.

2.    Store small items in containers. If you have small accessories like scarves and gloves, group them together in small boxes and be sure to label them.

3.    Use clear plastic bins. You’ll have a much easier time finding your items if you can see them. Keep sweaters, shirts and shoes in clear containers.

4.    Use double rods. These items are the best-kept secret in closet organization. You can double your closet’s hanging space in an instant with these low-hanging rods for shirts, pants and jackets.

5.    Use the back of your door. The back of your closet door is the perfect place for an over-the-door shoe organizer or set of hooks.

6.    Use adjustable shelves. If you decide to invest in shelving for your closet, be sure that it’s adjustable and can change as your storage needs evolve as well.

Keep It That Way With Dana Point Closet Organizers

With the help of Dana Point closet organizers from California Closets, keeping your closet under control is just a matter of following simple rules. For example, it’s best to periodically assess your needs and to do a light reorganization every few months. It’s also important to take advantage of your storage space. Store away any items you use less frequently, and free up space for the clothes you want access to. With the right organizing ideas, your Dana Point closet organizers will surely help you create – and maintain – your dream closet.