Doug Barnett, Production Manager

I have been with California Closets for over 10 years, successfully working in every role on the production and installation side of our business.

This decade of experience has enabled me to develop knowledge and skill sets that lead our production team in creating high quality products for our clients each and every day. My shop and installation teams have decades of experience and we are eager and confident in our ability to deliver our quality products and experiences.

I enjoy working with the California Closets team - I love the culture and the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. I believe communication is a crucial element for successful customer service. I have worked with California Closets in Jacksonville, Florida, Denver, Colorado, and now I am excited to join the extremely skilled DFW team.

Our ability to manufacture custom solutions in our 12,000 square foot facility enables us to provide great products. Combine that with the most experienced design team in Texas and the possibilities are very exhilarating and rewarding.