Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Cypress

When the summer months roll around in Cypress, Texas, residents can count on three things - warm, balmy nights, cold beer, and out of town visitors. After a long day exploring the town, your overnight guests are going to need a place to get some shut eye. So what do you do when that moment comes? Don’t hassle over an unsteady air mattress or uncomfortable spare futon. With Cypress wall beds by California Closets, you can easily accommodate your guests without committing an entire room to a spare bedroom!

Comfortable Convenience With Cypress Wall Beds

Convert Any Room Into A Spare Bedroom

Cypress wall beds fold out when you need them and fold right back up when you don’t - It’s as simple as that! By employing a pull-down or roll-out method, your Cypress wall bed easily blends in with the surrounding of any room when not in use. Office by day, spare bedroom by night! Cypress wall beds are the easy and convenient solution to overnight guests.

Sleep Well In Style

At California Closets, style and functionality take equal priority. That’s why our Cypress wall beds come in a variety of different designs - all customizable to match the decor of your existing room. With Cypress wall beds, you can have a comfortable place for guests to rest without creating an eyesore.

California Closets: Quality You Can Trust

At California Closets, we’ve established a reputation for unparalleled product quality that you can trust. Other spare bedroom solutions will leave much to be desired, and usually only last about a few years. With Cypress wall beds brought to you by California Closets, you know you’re getting the best possible quality for your home improvement. Invest in your home with Cypress wall beds - call today to find out more!