Closet Systems Cypress

The ideal closet systems will make your Cypress home both more welcoming and more functional. Whatever generic storage your house came with, it is no match for California Closets. We make your home better by following your lead—we learn about your specific needs and tastes. That is the starting point of our design process.

The Cypress Closet Systems Cypress Process in Depth

With a simple phone call or few clicks of a mouse, you can schedule a design consultation with our experts to take place at your home. They will assess and measure the storage space you are seeking to remodel, taking into consideration hanging space, shelving space, wall measurements and the overall storage capacity.

Once parameters of the space are identified, our professionals will work with you to determine the goals for the project. What are the shortcomings of the space, and how could it serve you better? By working through various possibilities together, you will reach the ideal plan for your Cypress closet systems.

Next is the most exciting part of the process, aside, of course, from seeing the finished product. To ensure we are on the same page, and to give you a chance to make alterations, we use state of the art technology to render a three-dimensional model of your storage space. Using this simulation you will be able to customize the color, configuration, and accessories of your Cypress closet systems.

With your final specifications in, we send the plans to our manufacturing department, because we make all of our closets to order.

Cypress Closet Systems—an Investment for a Lifetime

As established members of the local business community since 1983, California Closets hopes to hold onto to you as a satisfied customer for a lifetime. We know you will love your new Cypress closet systems for years to come!