Custom Home Storage Solutions, Room By Room

If you’re like most people, keeping your environment neat and organized is something you desire for your home. The problem is, most of us don’t have the time or energy to stay one step ahead of mess and clutter when we’re busy taking the kids to school, working long hours, or running errands. 

At California Closets, we are known for our ability to turn any space in your home into an intuitive storage system, so making it easier than ever to stay organized and clutter-free with minimal effort. 

At California Closets, we have custom home storage solutions for every room! Here are some examples of ways we can help make the way you store your possessions in every room of your home more efficient. 

1. The Entryway: Where Clutter Checks Its Bags

Customize your entryway to include clutter-fighting mechanisms like shoe cubbies, hooks for coats, and buckets for umbrellas. The sooner you stop clutter from entering the home, the easier it is to maintain an organized lifestyle. 

2. The Bedroom: Where the Organization Happens

Keeping your bedroom closet organized is key to preventing clothes from being scattered around the bedroom. We have several different home storage solution options for your bedroom closet. Everything from customized solutions that will enhance your existing closet to armoires can be found at California Closets. 

3. The Media Center: Disorganization Is Going, Going, Gone! 

Our custom-built home storage solutions for the media room include tangle-fighting solutions that keep your technology in check. Don’t waste time fussing around with cords again! 

4. The Home Office: Where Mess Has No Business 

Keep your home office neat and ready for business with customizable filing cabinets, specialized storage for technology, and function-centered design. 

5. The Garage: Where Storage Goes To Get Organized

Traditionally the black hole of storage spaces, your garage will be transformed when you use any of our home storage solutions for the garage. We have hundreds of different ways to make your garage a more organized and safer place for you and your family. 

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