Custom Home Office Design - Love Where You Work

The old adage goes: when you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work. At California Closets, we believe the same logic follows for home office design - when you love your work space, it won’t feel as much like work. So how do we design the perfect layout for a workspace you’ll love?

Creating the Perfect Home Office 

Building the ideal home office design begins by examining the factors that affect the way you work. Depending on the type of work you do, different designs that cater to your habits will be more advantageous to your productivity. For example, jobs that depend on a computer will benefit more from a layout that centers on the monitor, while other less-technologically dependent jobs may require more desk space for drawing and building. 

There are many other questions to consider when embarking on the journey of finding the perfect home office design. What will you store in your office? Will your office be home to a library of books or filing cabinets for papers? Will there be more than one person using the office space? At California Closets, we allow for complete customization on all our products, making it easy to accommodate any particular needs to may have for your home office design. 

Finding Your Design Persona 

One of the more exciting aspects of designing your perfect home office is picking out the style and feel of the room. Depending on your personality, many different colors and finishes are available to choose from to match the aesthetic vibe you want for your home office design. You’ll find that working in an environment that suits your tastes and preferences will enhance creativity and innovation in any work you do. 

Time to Get Organized

Maintaining a high level of organization in any room of the house can be a challenge, especially when that room is your home office. With tangled cords for technology and various papers strewn about, home offices are a prime target for clutter and disorganization. Luckily we have a large variety of tools and techniques for our custom home office designs that make organization more intuitive and reduce clutter. 

Here are some examples of mechanisms we can install in your office to maintain a high level of organization with minimal effort:

  • Cable Management Systems - Designed to keep your cords in place, our cable management system prevents messy cord tangles and keeps them out of sight. 
  • Filing Cabinets - Cabinets built specifically for storing your various documents will keep your papers organized and out of clutter’s way. 
  • Pull-Out Features - Various pull-out features for printers and keyboards keep larger items out of the way when unneeded. 

Get Ready To Meet Your Custom Home Office Design 

Call California Closets today to schedule a free in-home consultation and to get started on designing your ideal home office!