Corral Clutter with Custom Garage Storage

Having a grip on your home storage can be overwhelming. However, there is usually a bright light on the horizon, not too far out of sight. 

Garage storage, on the other hand, can often seem more daunting.  It is the place we put the extra bulk from our house that we no longer know what to do with.  Or perhaps it’s the only place these items will fit.

Garages tend to become a dumping ground for bikes, sports equipment, memorabilia, and boxes upon boxes of stuff we can’t seem to part with.  In our ideal reality, your garage can be not only a storage space for your bulky items, but a place to park your car as well. Imagine that!

California Closets has myriad options for building custom storage systems in your garage that truly work for your specific space, and can adapt to changes in your needs as time goes on.  The first of these storage solutions is adjustable wall shelving.  The biggest step to regaining your garage floor space is making good use of the walls.   

Cabinetry and wall hanging devices will allow you to store just about anything on the walls.  Have easy access to tools with customizable hooks and bins to store your nails, screws, and smaller objects.  Our heavy-duty brackets make it possible for you to hang bikes and other large items so they are up off the floor and yet easy to grab when you’re on the go.

With so many accessories and customizable options you will soon be able to use your garage exactly how you’ve always wanted to use it.  With workbenches and custom cabinetry, you can transform the future of your garage in no time at all.