Wall Beds & Murphy Beds CT/Connecticut

Finding space for everything in your home is not easy, especially when you have more ideas than you have bedrooms. Even if you’re not set on having a guest room, there is always a chance you’ll need it, and Connecticut wall beds are the best way to get it.

Connecticut Murphy Beds: Create Space!

Whether you’re choosing between a playroom and a guest room, or an office and a guest room, CT wall beds can get you the results you’re looking for.  It may seem impossible to have two rooms in one without creating chaos, but the solution creates just the opposite.

California Closets has worked hard to create the kind of Connecticut Murphy beds that flawlessly combine the function and comfort of having an extra bed and the beautiful design of a desk or shelving unit at the same time.  The combination is unique and like nothing you've seen before.  No more worrying about where you’re going to put your friend from out of town, or, having a mostly unused guest room when it isn’t holiday season.

The beauty of CT Murphy beds is that they are the best of both worlds.  The innovative design makes it easy to bring down and fold back up while seamlessly blending into the room’s design.  Use your imagination to create whatever additional room you imagine in your home.

Connecticut Wall Beds/Murphy Beds: New And Improved

Your CT wall beds are just waiting to be explored and created in your home.  Call today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and get started on creating the home design of your dreams.