Closet Organizers for your Crete home

California Closets Crete is your leading provider of closet organizers in the Midwest. We know that even in this region known for its sprawling plains and wide open spaces, your home may not offer the same. Or, you might have all the storage space in the world, but no sense of organization, and everything is in disarray. Now is the time for closet organizers!

The Three Rules of Work

Did you know? Einstein came up with the Three Rules of Work: “Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Here is how we at California Closets Crete see Einstein's rules working for you, our Crete customers...

Out of clutter find simplicity.
Most people see a pile of clutter in the corner of their house -- or strewn all over it -- as a bad thing. California Closets Crete sees it as good! Why is this? Clutter forces action; specifically, the existence of multiple items in your house makes you create a system of categorization to organize the clutter, rather than work the other way around. And categorization is the first step to simplication!

From discord find harmony.
What is discord? When two things don't "go" together, when they clash. It is the very definition of ""miscellaneous"" items -- those belongings that don't seem to match anything, and certainly not each other. Everyone has a miscellaneous drawer, and that drawer is discord! Closet organizers push those objects to work together to create something harmonious and yes, even beautiful.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
You don't buy a new high quality closet organizer every year. You may not even invest in closet organizers every five years! Instead, you might purchase a plastic closet organizer or a wire shoe rack to fix your organization problems as they occur, or rather, as they become unbearable. But in moment of extreme difficulty -- those times you feel like clutter has taken over your life and you can't find anything you need -- there is an opportunity to create a long-term solution to your problems. Revamp your entire storage system and treat yourself to a custom storage solution. You won't regret it!

Get Started With Closet Organizers

Take these rules from one of the most famous scientists in our time and start applying them to your home! Call California Closets Crete today to speak to a talented design consultant about your needs.