Closet Systems Courtenay

With a home, things are in constant flux. You need to stay on your toes, often make minor changes and upgrades throughout the process. However, we can guarantee you one upgrade that will make a huge difference in the happiness and longevity of your home: Courtenay closet systems.

Three Steps to Your Closet

Why do Courtenay closet systems seem to work so well?  Well, the formula is simple -- you visualize precisely the closet you want to clean up and organize the mess that is specific to your home, and we help you draw up blueprints and install that closet.  We do this in a few easy steps:

First, you meet your friendly consultant.  This will be your proverbial boatman throughout, guiding you through a customizing process which will allow you to assess and choose different pieces of Courtenay closet systems to make sure that you are getting the most of your space.  This first stage will set the groundwork for creating a blueprint for your final product.

Second, you get to the fun stuff.  This is where you customize the little details that make your Courtenay closet systems truly yours.  Either choose between preset combinations that will give your closet a certain appearance, or work with us through selections of colour, trim, detailing, build material, and more.

Third, we ship all the parts from a local, high quality manufacturer to your home at once.  We ship them together so you don't have to wait for strays to arrive.  After this, our builders come to your home and visit, putting together your Courtenay closet system quickly, efficiently, and with a smile, leaving your home as good as new!

Peaceful Home

Make the step to a more organized and peaceful home, call us today for your very own Courtenay closet systems.