Corpus Christi Wall Beds

Kids going off to college; family and friends coming to visit--such are the many situations in life that leave us with the need for a bedroom that is only there temporarily. As a host, you'd like for your guests to be comfortable during their stay, while also maintaining that versatility that a spare room provides when it is not in use. Air mattresses lack in the comfort, while spare beds lack in the convenience. For those seeking a solution that promises ease and happiness for all parties involved, Corpus Christi wall beds from California Closets are your ticket. Folding simply into a closet system, these sturdy, and most importantly comfortable devices will set you off into a new era of hosting your friends and family.

Hosting Made Simple With Corpus Christi Wall Beds

Great For Homeowners

If you're lucky enough to have the luxury of a spare room, or perhaps your kids have flown the nest, you've got space that can be put to good use! With Corpus Christi wall beds, you can keep a comfortable mattress at the ready should you have someone in need of a place to stay while still being able to use the room to its full potential. Need a spot to do some yoga in the morning? Want to have the band over for a rehearsal? Simply fold the mattress up into the closet system and take full advantage of this multi-purpose room. 

Perfect For The Sleeper

Temporary mattresses aren't celebrated for the quality of night's sleep they provide. As a host, you'd like to provide ample comfort for those important to you, and with Corpus Christi wall beds, that is a simple task. These aren't your run of the mill overnight mattresses tucked away in the closet systems--these are fully realized, thick and comfortable mattresses that won't leave your guests stiff or cranky in the morning!

Wake Up Rested With Corpus Christi Wall Beds

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