Coronado Wall Beds For Many Uses

The San Diego area attracts its fair share of visitors. Between the lovely beaches and fantastic food, it's no wonder why friends and family love to come to Southern California for vacation. While it is always nice to see guests, playing host can be exhausting if you're not equipped with the proper tools. And if you're hoping to preserve the versatility of your spare room when it isn't in use as a bedroom, there is only one solution to consider: Coronado wall beds from California Closets. You can maintain all of the many uses that a guest room contains and also guarantee a comfortable place for people you care about to rest their heads after a fun San Diego day.

Coronado Wall Beds Take Your Potential To New Heights

Going Away To College

If your kids have left the nest, you won't find them using their rooms all that often anymore. Whether they've gone back east for school or just down the road to San Diego State, you want to ensure that they're comfortable when they do make their ways home. You can use the space in any number of ways when they're gone, using the new square footage for an exercise space, or hobby room, and then quickly return it to your original intention: a bedroom. Coronado wall beds are a part of a unit that keeps them tucked up and out of the way. They're easily deployed in a matter of seconds, letting your child hit the hay as soon as they're ready.

Improved Organizational Prowess

As we detailed before, your guest room can be used for a number of things. Regardless of how you choose to employ the space, you can always benefit from added organizational tools, and Coronado wall beds can provide just that. These beds can contain shelves and closet organizers on either side, replete with tools that can keep the surrounding areas in order.